Each housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food and washing dishes. Therefore, the role of a kitchen sink cannot be overestimated, even if there is a dishwasher. The time spent in the kitchen room and the efficiency of work depend on the convenience of using the sink.

Today on the market, the assortment of kitchen sinks rolls over with many different shapes, types, but the quality of the plumbing product also depends on the productivity of the components. The sink may be of the best quality, but if the siphon is clogged, all work processes stop.

The kitchen sink siphon is a whole system that allows you to drain water from the sink into the sewer pipe, preventing unpleasant odors from entering the room. In addition, it allows you to filter out solid particles of food or other unwanted objects from getting into the sewer. This allows you to increase the life of the pipeline by reducing the number of deposits and blockages. If necessary, the siphon can be easily removed and cleaned. You can buy high-quality siphons for kitchen sinks in the Waterstal online store.There are bottle, knee and corrugated siphons for kitchen sinks.

The most popular is the first option. The main element of this sanitary ware is a flask, in which a water seal forms and all solid waste accumulates. If necessary, it can be unscrewed and cleaned. Knee siphons resemble a bent pipe, as a result of which a plug of water forms in the area of ​​its bend, which does not allow evaporation from the sewer system. Corrugated siphon is the most inexpensive and versatile option. Due to its flexibility, you can easily adjust its length and shape, which is very appropriate in small kitchens.

Each type of kitchen sink siphon has its own advantages, so carefully approach the choice. Be sure to pay attention to the material of the product and its operating conditions.

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