In the modern world, a bathroom is an integral part of home comfort. And it’s hard to imagine a bathroom without a toilet with a tank. Therefore, it is very important when choosing him to be guided not only by aesthetic views on the style, but also take into account the convenience and practicality of the design. The long-term operation of this, at first glance, a simple mechanism also depends on the choice of the drain tank, in particular, the fittings for it. When choosing fittings for a drain tank, it is worth taking into account that there are several types of them, depending on how the toilet is connected to the water supply: fittings with a bottom water supply, which is divided into two categories: shut-off and drain and fittings with side water supply; The drain tank fittings are also of two types associated with the method of draining water:
● exhaust type exhaust fittings (rod);
● push (push-button).

Exhaust fittings release the water by raising the lever, and push-button valves - by pressing the button. Today, the most used button, as it looks more elegant and much more practical to use. In turn, it can be:
⚫single-key (after pressing the button, all water in the tank is released; also a button with a stop function, which double-clicks to stop the discharge of water);
⚫two-button fittings for the toilet (allows you to save water consumption, drains a full tank or part of it).

Also, the designs for the drain tank differ in the device valves:
✓ float or kroydon type is the most primitive and was used in older devices, at the moment it is discontinued. When repairing this type of structure, improvised materials can be used;
✓ piston type is that the hole through which the drain tank is filled is closed by a piston with a gasket. The disadvantage of this type is the low wear resistance of the gasket;
✓ the membrane type most often used differs from the piston type only in that instead of a gasket, a rubber or bulk membrane is used. Such a membrane is a reliable protection of the tank against leakage and various deposits on it, but requires constant care due to the poor quality of water in the sewer pipes. Of course, when installing a new toilet with a tank, few people think about its components, but the moment comes when an integral part of your bathroom fails.

When choosing fittings for plumbing, it is worth taking into account that:
● plastic construction details made of polypropylene or low pressure polyethylene will be more durable, they should also be smooth, without flaws and deformations;
●high-quality gasket should be soft to the touch and have the correct shape;
● fasteners made of bronze differ in service life in contrast to plastic fasteners;
● the float crane must have a smooth run; otherwise, the goods are defective;
● he whole structure must be strong enough, and all its parts are very firmly fixed to each other.

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