Dishwashers and washing machines are indispensable units in the home of every family. They simplify household chores, significantly saving time. One of the essential components in their composition, and, accordingly, in uninterrupted operation, is a high-quality drain hose. It serves to connect to the sewer system and drain the waste cold and hot water into the pipeline. A high-quality drain hose provides not only drainage of water without the formation of blockages, but is also resistant to mechanical damage, securely fastens and is able to last a long time. You can buy drain hoses of various lengths in the Waterstal online store. Drain hoses are usually supplied with a washing machine or dishwasher. If they are worn out or you are not satisfied with their appearance or quality, you can purchase them from us. Hoses from 1 to 5 meters long are available.

An important characteristic of the drain hose is the material. We produce polypropylene sanitary ware. Their installation and dismantling is extremely simple and does not require special skills. At the ends of the hose are plastic fittings that are used for connection and fixation.

The standard length of the drain device is 2 meters. In case of need to increase the hose, you can use a special adapter and connect the two hoses. In addition, whole bays of this drainage device are commercially available. Thus, you can independently measure and cut off the required length in accordance with the marked marks. However, it should be noted that the optimum distance between the drain and the dishwasher / washing machine is 3.5 m. Too long a section threatens with accumulation of garbage, which is quite difficult to get. In addition, the excessive length of the drain hose creates additional strain on the pump.

A drain hose is a necessary part for the operation of a washing machine or dishwasher. Carefully approach his choice and care for him.

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