Mounting is an integral part of any sphere of human activity, the main role of which is reliable fixation of joints in various designs. There are many types of fasteners: bolts, screws, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, studs and others. All products are made from many materials in various modifications and with certain properties.

The functionality and comfort of the bathroom is impossible without the installation of interior sanitary products (mirrors, washbasins, etc.). For example, a sink is used to wash hands or small items. The plumbing market is represented by many types of these products of different materials, shapes and installation methods. Quite popular are wall-mounted washbasins. This is the best option in case of limited space in the bathroom. Installation work on installing the sink is carried out using a fastener kit. It is designed to fix this sanitary ware to a concrete wall, brick, natural stone or wood. The set for attaching the washbasin to the wall consists of a screw-stud, nut, dowel, washer, decorative element. During installation, it is enough to drill a hole, insert the dowel and tighten the pin. After that, install the washbasin, fixing it with a plastic sleeve and nut. It is important to consider the maximum load for the wall. In certain situations, it is necessary to use embedded elements or an installation system.

The plumbing market is represented by many types of toilets. One of the criteria for their classification is the type of installation of the drain tank. The following types of it are distinguished:
✓ compact drain tank (located directly on the ledge of the toilet. Its high popularity is dictated by the simplest assembly);
✓ built-in tank (the main parts are attached to a special support frame);
✓ hinged drain tank (installed independently from the toilet and connected to it thanks to the overflow pipe.


The installation of the toilet involves fixing the sanitary ware itself to the floor, as well as mounting the toilet bowl. When carrying out installation work, the length of the mounting bolts and the flexible water hose, the size of the gaskets and couplings should be taken into account. The reliability of the connection depends on this.

The online store "Waterstal" offers various types of fasteners: fastenings of the toilet bowl, mirrors, wash basins and others.


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