Shower drain is a plumbing device that helps to drain used water into the sewer and drain system. His popularity is now very high. This is due to the fact that the bulky showers have been replaced by a tendency towards minimalist interior design. The practicality of the shower drain is dictated by the possibility of its installation almost everywhere in the bathroom, which is very convenient for the implementation of bold design decisions.

Depending on the material from which the ladder is made, they come in 3 types: plastic, metal-plastic and metal. The first are most popular in the plumbing market, because they are inherent in such qualities as strength, corrosion resistance, ease of use. In addition, this type of plumbing ladders is the most profitable financially. In our online store "Waterstal" you can find many options for plumbing ladders.

Drainage ladders have various constructional features and design. When purchasing this element of the sewer-drainage system, the installation location and operating conditions, the amount of water used and the external qualities of the product should be taken into account.

Most often, spillway structures are mounted on the floor. At the moment, a kind of plumbing know-how are wall mounted shower drains.

There are various design sewer floor drains. This is a shower drain, shower tray, linear drain. The main criteria for selection is the amount of water used, the type of sewerage supply to the bathroom (lower and side).

The shower drains of round and square configurations are very popular. The body of such a product is in most cases made of polypropylene. It is mandatory to have a shutter to protect against unpleasant odors coming from the sewer-drain system.

Plumbing ladders are currently very requested devices. They have a number of advantages in comparison with a traditional bathroom or shower cabin with a pallet:
➢ you can create an original interior design;
➢ ease of use;
➢ greatly facilitates the cleaning process;
➢ budget savings.

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