In the modern world, due to an active lifestyle, preferences began to be given more and more to showers, hydroboxes and showers. The reason for this is not only the ergonomics of the device in small apartments, but also elegance, energy efficiency, functionality, and practicality.

To date, the plumbing market is represented by a wide selection of showers. But next to this, one should not forget about the components for such devices, because the duration of uninterrupted operation directly depends on them. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of siphon. It is installed in shower trays, hydroboxes, shower enclosures. Sometimes choosing the right siphon is a daunting task. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer makes a hole for the siphon in different parts of the pallet, for example, in the center or on the edge. In addition, some pallets may be equipped with an overflow hole. That is why siphons differ in their design.

Siphons for shower trays are divided into conventional, automatic and click-clack products. The first subspecies is the usual discharge-overflow configuration. This is a reliable, simple and, as a rule, budget option. Automatic siphons control the opening of the siphon opening and overflow using the handle. Its rotation ensures the opening of one hole and the simultaneous closure of another. Click-clack siphons are the most attractive. They look beautiful and convenient to use. When the siphon button is pressed, the outlet opening opens, and a second press closes it.

Whatever siphon for a shower tray you like, in our catalog you can find not only a fully assembled device, but also accessories for its successful operation.

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