The inlet hose is an essential part of any washing machine or dishwasher. Without this simple but necessary detail, their functioning would be impossible. It is because of this that great attention should be paid to the choice of a hose for water inlet. The plumbing market is rich in a variety of types of these products. They come with a fixed length (from 1 to 5 meters) in the bay (10 meters). In addition, do not neglect the telescopic inlet hoses for the dishwasher and washing machine. Their feature is that due to the corrugated wire, sanitary products can be increased in size. No less popular are inlet hoses with the Aqua-stop system. Their demand is dictated by the ability to withstand pressure up to 70 bar. In our online store "Waterstal" you can find a large selection of different polypropylene hoses from one to five meters long.

In the production of inlet hoses, non-toxic EPDM rubber is used, which serves as the inner layer and is reinforced with 28 polyester yarns laid in a spiral. This prevents the expansion of the sanitary ware under the pressure of water, increases strength and durability. The inlet hose for the washing machine / dishwasher is capable of withstanding a pressure of 4 Bars. The outer layer is gray corrugated polyvinyl chloride. End pieces are made of high strength polyamide compound. Crimp sleeves - made of aluminum. Due to the presence of threads, nuts and gaskets inside the threaded connection, reliable protection against leakage at the installation site is provided. Each inlet hose for a washing machine or dishwasher is equipped with deep filters in the form of a polypropylene mesh.

Inlet hoses for dishwashers and washing machines from the manufacturer "Waterstal" are unpretentious in maintenance and are inexpensive. Maintaining their health or replacing is not a big problem. In our online catalog of inlet hoses for washing machines and dishwashers, you can easily find the sanitary products suitable for your requirements.

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