The outlet is the structural part of the siphon, which is installed in the drain neck and connected to the central part of the siphon. The connection is made using a special nut. Siphons with and without integrated release are available for sale. This is one of the characteristics of a quality product - for a good siphon or sink, the release will always be included. If your plumbing device does not include a release, you can always purchase it in the Waterstal online store.

The issue as standard is a plastic or metal clip with filter gratings made of metal. The most budgetary is the first option. There are more expensive varieties of issues, made with particular scrupulousness and striking in their beauty, but this significantly affects their price and, accordingly, popularity among buyers.

A common model in the plumbing market is those with an adjustable valve that closes the drain hole. In most cases, this plumbing part is included with the faucet. Over time, this valve may need to be replaced.

The main feature that you should pay attention to when buying a siphon issue is its diameter. Therefore, take measurements in advance and do not rely on the case.


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