The toilet is a very important element of the toilet room, but few people think about the features of its components until they hear the rumble in the tank or see a puddle near it. To avoid a spoiled mood, and possibly impressive financial costs associated with the repair of not only its drain tank, but also the neighboring bathroom, it is necessary at least sometimes to pay attention to the process of the toilet. In the modern world, when technology steps forward by leaps and bounds, the quality of the drain tank, and in particular the fittings for it, has not been felt for many years. But the detrimental effects of water reduce the life of some parts. And then we have to look inside the tank and determine what needs to be replaced. Today, the plumbing market has a very large assortment of fittings for the drain tank, which differ in design. Therefore, it is important to know the basic characteristics and its varieties in order to buy the necessary part of your drain tank. The fittings for the drain tank consists of mechanisms for supplying, storing and discharging water. The fittings for a separate type of toilet bowl consists of mechanisms for lowering and filling the water, which operate independently of each other. Filling fittings perform timely filling of the tank with water and stopping the access of water to it due to the filling valve of the toilet bowl tank. The operation of such a valve is regulated by a float, which, when the water in the tank rises to a set level, shuts off its flow. The principle of operation of such a mechanism depends on the type of construction:

⬢ the float type is used mainly in older tank models and has the disadvantage of a high level of noise;

⬢piston type is characterized by the fact that the role of the float is performed by a piston with a gasket;

⬢the membrane type differs from the piston type only in that a rubber or silicone membrane is used instead of the gasket.

There are also combined designs when the drain and filler mechanism are one. They are rarely used, since when one link fails, the whole mechanism must be replaced, which will be financially more expensive than replacing one of the descent or filling units. If you need to buy a filling valve for the drain tank, be sure to pay attention to which water supply for your plumbing device is lateral or lower. Having glanced at the pages of our Waterstal online store you will find a wide assortment of water filling units for a drain tank at affordable prices, and if you have any questions, please contact the managers on the hot line.


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