The need to install a toilet can arise both in the case of installation of new equipment, and when replacing the old sanitary-technical device. When buying a floor toilet, it is necessary to consider not only external aesthetic parameters, but also the form of wastewater discharge. It happens oblique, vertical and horizontal configurations. In old houses, most often installed toilets with either the first or second type of release. In modern new buildings, most often they install products with horizontal output.

Installation of the toilet requires special pipe fittings. This is a plumbing cuff, corrugated or fan pipe. The latter, depending on the form, can be of different types. In our online store "Waterstal" you will find many plumbing parts needed during the installation of the sewer and drainage system.

Today, plastic fittings for installing a toilet bowl is the most requested and modern. This is due to the fact that, compared with cast iron products, it has advantages both financially and in terms of ease of use.

In the absence of long sections with a horizontal plane, a rigid plastic pipe will be the best option for installing a toilet. It is not prone to the formation of blockages, has mechanical strength, and is resistant to high temperatures and detergents. The main thing you should pay attention to is the bend angle of the pipe. After all, the location of the plumbing fixture and the sewer bell should correspond to each other.

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