Flexible eyeliner is an important component when piping in apartments and houses. The invention of this equipment has greatly facilitated installation work. Nowadays, a wide range of this type of product (flexible eyeliner, vibration hose) allows you to easily select what is needed in a specific situation (from connecting household appliances and plumbing to gas and water systems).

The use of flexible eyeliner for water allows you to connect the bathroom device in those places where it is impossible to use a rigid pipe. This plumbing device has a wide range of applications, it is used when installing toilets, faucets, showers.

Two types of flexible water inlets are available - a rubber version with a metal braid and a corrugated modification (bellows metal hose). The design of the first plumbing product is a combination of a hose made of ethyl propylene (non-toxic) rubber and a stainless protective braid. The working pressure of this water supply hose is 10 atmospheres. The plumbing market also has reinforced flexible eyeliner that can withstand operating pressures of 20 atmospheres. Another characteristic that you should pay attention to is the working temperature of the water with which the sanitary ware will interact. In this regard, flexible eyeliners for cold and hot water are produced, as well as universal options. Externally, a plumbing product can be identified thanks to special tapes. Accordingly, the blue tape for cold water, for hot - red. Universal models combine both colors.

Corrugated hose is a corrugated pipe with an inner surface of stainless steel. The bellows connection to the Waterstal faucet differs from the flexible water connection to the presence of a needle and a needle on the other side. In this case, the end parts are made of chrome-plated brass and are welded to the corrugated sleeve by argon-arc welding, which helps to improve the tightness. An advantage of the bellows connection to the mixer is its resistance to lateral compression, breaking at the ends of the sleeve. Due to its design and the use of stainless steel coating, this type of sanitary product has a long service life (25 years) and is characterized by its heat resistance.

In our online store "Waterstal" you can buy different types of hoses for water supply. With their help, installation work on the piping will take place without much effort.

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