Reinforcement parts

Even the most expensive and reliable toilet bowl with a flushing tank can fail at any time. Especially unpleasant and troublesome if this happened on the weekend. Often the problem is in the wear of the seal and most likely you can solve your little troubles with your own hands without much effort. The main thing is to choose the right spare part for your plumbing device.Any plumbing store that respects its customers has a wide range of toilet seals. On the website of our store "Waterstal" you can buy a gasket for the toilet of any shape, size, and you can also choose the material of manufacture. The main function of the seals is to ensure the tightness of the structure. The service life of the sealant directly depends on the material of manufacture:

-a rubber gasket for a toilet bowl is considered to be the most popular and widespread due to its very low price, but along with this, it is these seals that dry out faster than others, lose their flexibility, and as a result, the tightness of the structure is violated;

- the membrane of the drain tank or the gasket of the toilet bowl can be made of silicone, which is distinguished by its durability, elasticity and average price;

-a gasket for a drain tank made of polyurethane will be the most expensive, but it will also be the most reliable and durable.

All seals have a large variety regarding the form of their manufacture: circle, oval, truncated cone, trapezoid, "figure eight". There are many other, more complex forms, but they are used quite rarely. Each toilet model has its own sizes and shapes of gaskets, so the most accurate choice will be if you compare it with the old one, but if this is not possible, the managers of the hot line of our Waterstal online store will be happy to help you.

Reinforcement parts

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