The choice of drain valves is not so great, because all toilets have the same type of operation and in order to get the necessary part you just need to look at the pages of the Waterstal online store.

    The principle of operation of the drain valves is much simpler than the filling one and lies in the fact that the water is drained due to the traction, which is actuated by a button, pedal or lever. The drain valves of the drain tank can be divided into several types related to how the drain mechanism itself is activated:
  • Lever - is activated after pressing the lever. It can be located both on the tank itself, the toilet bowl and around it. Most often used in public bathrooms because of its simplicity and low budget price.
  • Exhaust - responds to the rising rod, which obscures the drain hole.
  • Button - is activated by pressing the button.

They can also be divided into several types: single-key the armature drains all the contents of the amount of water in the tank; single-key with stop mode- with one press, the water drains, and when the button is pressed again, the drain stops;

two-button —allows you to drain the entire volume of the tank by pressing the larger of the keys, and the smaller button lowers only part of the toilet tank, which saves water consumption. It is also worth noting that the drain valve of the drain tank can be manual, when the volume of flushed water depends on the time the button is pressed and automatic.To manufacture a toilet flush mechanism, a durable and wear-resistant plastic is used. But still, troubles do happen. When water flows into the toilet through the membrane, it will not be difficult to replace it with a new one without the help of a professional plumber. If water flows through the overflow of drain valves, which is located in the upper part of the mechanism, then the float fails and repair is impractical, it is more economical to buy and replace the entire mechanism of drain valves.


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