A siphon is an indispensable part of the entire sewage system, without which our home would not be so fresh, clean and comfortable. Absolutely all plumbing equipment is equipped with a separate siphon, which performs two main functions:
⬢ diversion of used water into the sewer;
⬢ prevent the odor from entering the sewer into the room.

Depending on where the siphon is installed, the following groups can be distinguished: ⬥ bath siphons; ⬥ shower traps; ⬥ siphons for the kitchen. Also siphons are distinguished by the appearance of the structure.

1. The bottle siphon consists of a double-ended flask, the first of which is intended for drainage of water, the second performs a connecting function with the sewer pipes. The flask contains a constant amount of water, which creates a plug, preventing the smell of sewage from entering the outside. This type of siphon requires regular cleaning.

2. The tubular siphon looks like a U- or S-tube. The principle of operation is similar to the previous one. Its disadvantage is not a sufficiently deep knee bend. With prolonged use of water, its evaporation occurs, which in turn threatens the odor inside the room. Also, these types of siphons are characterized by bulky dimensions, which is not always practical to use.

3. Corrugated siphon is a combination of butyl siphon with corrugated hose. It has a great advantage in the installation process - it guarantees a sufficiently high level of leakage protection due to the fact that the connecting unit is only one. But along with this, the disadvantages of this siphon, too, had no short-lived due to the material of manufacture (plastic); does not withstand high temperatures, which leads to deformation of the hose; requires constant cleaning due to its numerous folds.

Where to buy the siphon, to decide for you, we in the online store "Waterstal" offer a wide range and high quality from a domestic manufacturer. In order for the plumbing fixture, including the siphon, to last a long time, we recommend performing regular cleaning:
1) wash the siphon with hot water under heavy pressure. This will remove the accumulated fat;
2) if a small plug is formed, we recommend using a plunger;
3) on the shelves of household stores there are many chemicals for the prevention of contamination, which also should not be neglected;
4) in case of severe clogging it is necessary to disassemble the siphon and use a brush or wire rope.

All siphons are united by the fact that the basis of their work is a water seal, which successfully prevents the penetration of odors into the room. The siphon acts as a mediator between the sink and the sewer system, which means that a lot of water that is not clean at all passes through it. Due to the irregularities inside the siphon and the large number of different impurities in the wastewater, various clogs can form inside it, which significantly impair the capacity of the siphon. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the quality of its work and clean it on time.


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