Installations in the bathroom - expanding the usable area

Manufacturers of bathroom furnishings are systematically developing new types of products in an effort to strengthen their position in the market. In collaboration with designers and architects, they produce original designs to create an ergonomic space. Among them are suspended installations.

With this equipment you can implement modern solutions, create a functional interior even in a small room. Plumbing is durable and reliable. The variety of models will allow you to choose the right option and bypass the problems associated with installing traditional equipment.

Suspended plumbing and its advantages

The very concept of "installation" means the installation and assembly of individual items. It was first mentioned in art. In the field of sanitary fittings, installation has become an art in the hands of manufacturers.

The installation system has a number of advantages. Now the pipes do not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. It also became possible to easily mount suspended sanitary equipment (sinks, bidets, toilets and urinals).

The advantages of modern installation systems include:

  • ✔hygiene;
  • ✔ light weight;
  • ✔ saving space;
  • ✔ practicality;
  • ✔ stylish appearance;
  • ✔ economical water consumption;
  • ✔ silent drain operation;
  • ✔ ease of installation.

Installations also facilitate the work process during and after bathroom renovations. Such structures are installed even on unprepared walls, for example, with old tiles. Products are able to visually expand the space of a room in a small bathroom, and turn previously inaccessible places into useful ones. Installations help to bring to life bold design ideas and layouts.

If you want to install overhead plumbing and hide the unattractive plumbing and sewer pipes, then the installation system is what you need. It also makes it possible to hide the cistern and flush button if desired.

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