High-quality, properly selected plumbing fixtures are the key to long-term, uninterrupted service of all equipment. A siphon is a necessary part of any drainage system. Without this detail, the normal functioning of the kitchen or bathroom is impossible.

There are various modifications of siphons - bottle, pipe and corrugated. The disadvantage of bottle and pipe siphons is that, if necessary, their shape cannot be changed. Corrugated siphon is deprived of these shortcomings, as it is made in the form of an accordion, which can stretch and contract.

Corrugated siphon from the manufacterer "Waterstal" is a universal type of drain device at an affordable price. With its help, you can equip the simplest drainage system, regardless of the location of the sewer. The flexible pipe of such a siphon bends at different angles and remains in this position without additional devices. This plumbing device, as a rule, has one connector at the outlet of the sink, which significantly reduces the risk of leaks. Due to its flexibility, the product is resistant to physical stress. Such a siphon has sufficient throughput and is notable for its low price in comparison with other types of siphons.

It must be taken into account that the corrugated siphon must be installed only in those rooms in which subzero temperatures are not expected. In addition, by systematically pouring boiling water into such a siphon, one can obtain corrugation deformation.

You can buy a corrugated siphon with release in the Waterstal online store. Here you will be greeted by a wide selection of quality plumbing fittings and products. And if you do not know which siphon will fit the plumbing device, our managers will be happy to help you in choosing and answer all your questions.

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