komplekt12.jpgThe presence of household appliances in the modern world significantly saves time on home chores. It is enough, for example, to load a washing machine or dishwasher and free up time for other tasks. The installation of these sanitary devices is sometimes difficult for certain situations. For example, an elementary lack of hose length does not allow the unit to be installed. In such situations, it will be relevant to use adapters, connectors that allow you to join the hoses.

During the installation of a dishwasher or washing machine, situations sometimes arise when the length of the drain hose proposed by the manufacturer does not meet the requirements in a particular case. This problem can be solved, for example, by purchasing a whole bay of the drain device. But in this case it will be unnecessary costs, because a large amount of unused product will remain. It will be much more profitable to purchase another short hose and combine it with the existing one using the connecting parts. In our online store "Waterstal" you can find such products and save money and time.

Сthe drain hose connector in washing and dishwashers is designed to combine two sanitary products. This part is made of durable polypropylene, which is characterized by high heat resistance, resistance to the influence of aggressive chemicals contained in washing powders, conditioners, etc. The smoothness of the inner surface ensures good throughput of the used liquid and prevents the formation of blockages. Externally, the design of the connector for the drain hose resembles a Christmas tree and a partition in the middle of this part. This structure allows you to put on and fix 2 plumbing products, as well as prevent their separation under water pressure. In case the connector needs to be removed, the functionality of the drain hose remains at the same level.

The nipple is very popular in the plumbing market, komplekt4.jpgthe function of which is to connect two inlet hoses for washing or dishwashers. We emphasize that it is not suitable for providing a drain.

Thanks to the accessories, the need to extend the hose will not be a problem. All you need is to buy an extension cord and, with the help of simple manipulations, combine two plumbing products. In our category of components, various parts of the Waterstal production are presented.

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