The sewer system is an integral part of modern housing or any other administrative, industrial premises. When constructing a new engineering structure or changing an old one, it must be taken into account that all sewerage equipment must be of excellent quality. The highest quality taps, drains, fan pipes, cuffs and reductions will provide you with comfort and coziness, as well as eliminate the unpleasant sounds and smells, minimize the risk of accidental events. All sewer accessories that will serve you for many years, you can find and buy in our online store "Waterstal".

The sewage system consists of a pipeline network and devices that are interconnected by fittings and are intended for sewage collection, removal, treatment and disposal. There are three types of sewage systems: ⬣ internal sewage; ⬣ external sewage system; ⬣ treatment system. Internal sewage system includes the following elements:
➢ devices that provide sanitary facilities for any premises (toilets, sinks, sinks, baths, ladders, washing machines, etc.);
➢ sewage pipes perform the function of transporting wastewater from plumbing to the riser;
➢ siphons are placed between plumbing fixtures and outlet pipes to prevent the access of harmful gases from the sewage system;
➢ the sewer riser collects all the wastewater of the premises;
➢ release connects internal and external sewerage;
➢ the audit is designed to facilitate drainage clearing as well as to ensure pipeline control;
➢ the fan tube prevents the creation of a dilution above the effluent flow.

If you buy purchasing sewer accessories, you should keep in mind that all pipes and fittings must have high bandwidth, resistance to temperatures, chemical and mechanical damage and internal smoothness. In view of these indicators, and using many years of experience, the undoubted leader is products made of modern, innovative components, such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and fiberglass. 


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