For reliable sealing of cracks and gaps at the joints of pipelines, it is necessary to use special plumbing gaskets. They are used as sealing rings to prevent leakage of liquid and gaseous media. Products are made from soft and elastic materials (rubber, paronite and silicone). These components are not recyclable, therefore a sufficient number of seals should be purchased in advance before starting installation or repair work. The assortment of the Waterstal online store includes various types of sanitary gaskets. Silicone rings are the softest and most elastic. They provide effective sealing of joints, completely eliminating the possibility of leaks. When installing them, you should carefully control the force that is applied to the nuts being tightened. O-rings made of rubber are stiffer than silicone counterparts. They are more resistant to damage, so nut connections can be tightened with great force without risking damage to the product. Paronite gaskets are superior in strength to silicone and rubber. Such sealing elements can be used in any engineering networks, regardless of the type of working medium (non-aggressive, aggressive, gaseous, liquid, viscous, etc.). Plumbing gaskets have standard diameters (1/2 ", 3/4", etc.), so they are compatible with any type of fitting elements. To place an order for the purchase of sanitary gaskets, you should select the desired products in the catalog, move them to the "Cart" and fill in the appropriate fields. Sealing rings made of silicone, rubber and paronite will be delivered to the specified address as soon as possible. The quality of products is carefully monitored by the manufacturer and company employees.


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