Plumbing fixtures - integral functional components in any room. Their purpose is to securely fix the parts in the required position and ensure the comfort and safety of their operation. Despite their small size, fasteners allow you to install on a concrete surface, aerated concrete, dock products with a base of natural stone or a hollow block. Kits for plumbing fixtures are very popular due to the simplicity of installation work, high mechanical strength and reliable fixation.

The plumbing market is represented by many options for fasteners of various configurations. These are sets of pipe holders, clamps, brackets and other elements. The most popular are sets of dowels, studs, combined screws, which are most often sold in ready-made specialized kits that meet certain qualities. For example, the large weight of the mounted boiler implies the use of a set of dowels-hardware that can withstand the entire structure. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the weight of not only the sanitary ware itself, but also the heated water inside it.

One of the criteria for the classification of fasteners is the material of the products.Today, the most popular are plastic and metal models. The choice of a specific option primarily depends on the weight indicators of the fixed device. For example, for seats and covers it is acceptable to use plastic bolts, dowels and screws are used as fasteners when installing a sink and toilet bowl. Installation of large-sized sanitary ware (for example, boilers) involves the use of a metal or brass mounting kit.

Online store "Waterstal" offers many types of mounts made from different materials. Here you can buy fasteners for the toilet bowl, mirror, washbasin and other plumbing fixtures.


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