A connector is a plumbing product whose function is to connect the atmosphere with the sewer riser of the room. If neglected, rarefaction above wastewater falling in the riser is inevitable. As a result, the disappearance of water from all the sanitary units in the room will cause an unpleasant odor, because the siphon will be completely empty.

A connector is an indispensable element of the sewer-drain system if:
➢ the height of the house exceeds two floors;
➢ the sewer riser in diameter is 50 mm;
➢ the house is equipped with a swimming pool (overnight a large amount of wastewater comes down);
➢ the septic tank is close to the house, which is fraught with the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

The installation of the connector can be omitted in the case of small quantities of one-time drains. In this case, the house should be with one bathroom and one toilet.

Carrying out installation work on the installation of the connector, it should be borne in mind that its diameter must be either greater or equal to the diameter of the riser.

The plumbing market is rich in various variations of connectors. They are classified depending on the material and shape of the product. The first criterion divides these plumbing equipment into plastic and metal. An undoubted advantage of plastic products is that their installation is relevant in both plastic and cast-iron water pipes.

Metal connectors are less durable in operation, they are not characterized by flexibility. In addition, this option of plumbing equipment can only be installed if the sewer and drainage system is made from the same material. In our online store "Waterstal" you will find a lot of connectors made of polypropylene.

The second criterion by this equipment is classified is their shape (sanitary eccentric, 90° elbow for the toilet, etc.). When choosing this plumbing product, it is important to consider the availability of the installation site, the size and shape of the pipeline. In hard-to-reach places, for example, it will be advisable to use curved models or a universal knee.


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