The role of the washbasin in the bathroom, without exaggeration, is colossal. When the owners of small areas refuse to install the washbasin, they make a serious mistake. And that's why:

1. The wash basin creates additional comfort in maintaining personal hygiene. Even the smallest unit is enough to brush your teeth or wash your hands.

2. The absence of a washbasin in the bathroom adds to the amount of work in cleaning your home. Performing all hygiene procedures (brushing, shaving, etc.) over the bath, you will have to clean it every day, and this is much harder and more expensive than washing the sink.

An integral part of any washbasin is a siphon. It practically does not differ from a siphon for a kitchen sink. These plumbing products are installed on a compact sink. In this regard, increased requirements are put forward to them with regards to dimensions. By reducing the size of the flask or bending the pipe (in the case of knee siphons), significant space savings are achieved. You can buy compact siphons for a washstand in the Waterstal online store.

The most popular washbasin siphon model is the bottle siphon. Its design provides a system of partitions, due to which a water lock is formed, blocking the path of unpleasant odors and fumes from the sewer system into the room. This type of washbasin siphon successfully retains various small objects. Therefore, if you drop a ring or earrings into the sink, you can easily get them. To do this, just unscrew the valve of the siphon bottle and take out the fallen jewel. There are also models that allow you to connect the drain of the washing machine to the siphon. But installing such a siphon is much more complicated than installing an ordinary one.

Bottle siphons for a wash basin are extremely unpretentious in operation, they are easy to install and clean. This is a simple and reliable option that will last you a long time.

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