A few decades ago, the replacement or installation of the toilet was accompanied by a heavy and troublesome adjustment of its release to the sewer hole. Heavy cast iron pipes created many inconveniences during installation. After the plastic fittings appeared, they were replaced by universal corrugated connectors, which makes it possible to carry out installation independently.

To reliably connect the toilet to the sewer system, it is necessary to use drains. Plums can be a pipe of the required diameter, made of plastic or cast iron, or a sliding corrugated element. The latter can be manufactured using technology without reinforcement and with reinforcement. The company "Waterstal" is engaged in the production and sale of flexible sliding drains with reinforcement for toilets. In our online store you can buy any drain suitable for you, based on its diameter and length.

Sliding reinforced drain is a simple solution in a situation when you need to reliably connect the toilet to the sewer pipe in a short time. This element is often used when the diameter of the sewer pipe and the outlet do not match. It is also very convenient to use it if you need a slight displacement of the toilet bowl relative to the junction with the sewer. Due to the possibility of regulating the length of such a drain, the buyer can easily choose the necessary size for a comfortable installation. But it is worth noting that the size should not be too large, otherwise it will lead to excess bends, which in turn entails frequent blockages. Sliding toilet drain is used only for open installation, itcan not be placed along the wall. Reinforcement with steel wire increases the strength of the product and its service life. The length of the corrugations for the toilet, presented in our catalog, is from 330 to 830 millimeters.

Sliding drain has established itself as a reliable element of the sewer-drain system in a person’s home, and the low price of the product is an additional argument for its use in plumbing installation works.


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