keram.jpg Now it has become fashionable to have environmentally friendly and durable materials in the kitchen that are easy to clean and, unlike steel, have a variety of colors. Porcelain sinks have such properties. They have a high aesthetic appearance due to the imitation of various types of natural stone. In addition, they tend to absorb the noise of the water used. Manufacturers of ceramic granite sinks amaze with the variety of shapes of these sanitary products, which, in addition, are inherent resistant to high temperatures.

A distinctive feature of siphons for porcelain sinks is the presence of round overflow with a stainless steel grate. They can also be equipped with a corrugated pipe or tap for a washing machine and dishwasher. An exclusive position is the double siphon for these sanitary products.

Porcelain sink is a decoration in your kitchen. There are a large number of varieties of these plumbing fixtures, so choosing the right siphon for them is sometimes a daunting task. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer can add something original to their model, and, as a result, it will not be similar to the usual sinks. It is because of this that the siphons can be different in their design. In the Waterstal online store you can buy any kind of it for a ceramic granite sink.

The installation of the siphon can be carried out in different ways. Before you buy a siphon, you should definitely make sure that it will fit the selected sink, and the pipes will be adjustable in length and fit the hole.

Porcelain stoneware siphons

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