Human hygiene takes up most of life, because one’s own health directly depends on its quality. It is supported directly through the creation of a comfortable living environment. Here correctly organized water supply and sewage systems come to the rescue of the most visited rooms in the house and at work. In the modern world, a kitchen, toilet or bathroom is equipped with such plumbing elements that are not only aesthetically beautiful, stylish, but also not inferior in functionality and ease of use.

A very important function in maintaining the cleanliness, integrity and comfort of the living space is the performance of the siphon. It is extremely difficult to select and replace accessories in a faulty siphon. Often you have to replace the entire plumbing device. This is extremely unprofitable. Waterstal siphons are free from this drawback. They consist of interconnected parts that we produce ourselves. Due to the versatility of spare parts, these plumbing parts are used in the production of various models of siphons and are interchangeable.

The key to the long service life of the siphon without breakage or leaks is regular maintenance. Performing simple procedures for cleaning its parts from plaque, you can always prevent malfunctions, and if necessary, recognize the part in need of replacement. Having found damages, you can contact our online store and buy the necessary plumbing component. The simplicity of the design and installation of our siphons makes it easy to restore its performance in the shortest possible time.

There are situations when, when updating a sink or a bathroom, it is necessary to replace a part of the siphon with a newer one. This is a common problem that occurs when installing custom-made products. The online store "Waterstal" offers a wide selection of quality spare parts for siphons and other plumbing equipment. With us, your bathroom and kitchen will last for many years.

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