Most of us are so accustomed to home comfort that we often don’t know about the installation of any household or plumbing fixture. And only the case makes you think. Such an “unidentified” part is a siphon. Everyone knows about its existence, but not everyone has a concept of what it is intended for and by what principle it works.

Bath siphons, as the name implies, are designed for installation in bathtubs. Their main function is to drain water into the sewer system, as well as to prevent overflow and transfusion of water over the edges. Today, each buyer can find a large number of different models of bathroom siphons, which differ not only in design, but also in the material from which they are made. PVC and polypropylene siphons are very popular, less often buyers choose metal models. You can buy a bath siphon in the Waterstal online store.

Bathroom siphons are divided into classic, automatic and click-clack devices. The principle of operation of the first is that water is collected after closing the outlet with a special stopper. It is a simple and reliable system. An automatic siphon is arranged as follows - a handle-switch is installed in the overflow area. Its rotation closes the drain hole and opens the overflow. By turning the handle back, you open the overflow hole and close the drain. In click-clack siphons, the opening and closing adjustment system is in the drain. When the button is pressed, the opening for opening the water is closed or opened.

The most convenient and practical option for installation will be a siphon, which can be adjusted to the parameters of your bathroom. This is due to the fact that a large number of models of bathtubs and siphons greatly complicates the process of selecting products suitable for each other. It is much easier to adjust an existing siphon than to look for one that exactly matches the parameters of a particular bath.

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