Washing machine is an indispensable household appliance designed for washing wardrobe items. One of the prerequisites for its functioning is the possibility of discharging contaminated water. This is made possible by a siphon for a washing machine, the value of which is hard to overestimate:
✓provides drainage of waste water through the connection of the drain hose to the sewer system;
✓the presence of a water seal inside the design of the sanitary ware prevents odors from entering the sewer into the room;
✓the ability to clean the drain system in case of cork;
✓ filtering debris particles;
✓ reducing the load on the pump of a household appliance.

The plumbing market has many types of siphons for washing machines. One of the criteria for their classification is the type of installation. By this principle, external, internal and combined models are distinguished. The former is used in the case of a large distance between the washing machine and the sewer pipe. After all, the design of the sanitary ware does not allow the proximity of the washing machine near the wall. Built-in siphons are the most ergonomic models. These plumbing parts are completely mounted in the wall, only a small-sized pipe is visible from the outside. Built-in siphons are designed to connect to a hidden sewage system. The design of the combined version provides for fittings, which allows you to connect the drain hoses of various plumbing fixtures.

Dry siphons for a washing machine have a ball with a spring that prevents odors from entering the sewer. The inspection cover can greatly simplify the cleaning of the device from clogging.

Siphons for washing machines are made of various materials. The most popular are copper and brass models, as well as plastic options. The first of the listed sanitary parts is very aesthetic and easy to operate. Their disadvantage is the high price. Plastic siphons for the washing machine are more affordable options with excellent performance.

The online store from the Ukrainian manufacturer of sanitary ware "Waterstal" presents many types of siphons for washing machines. Here you will find models that are different in design, material and installation principle.

Siphons of washing machines

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