Equipment for cleaning sewer pipes are special devices that will help you get rid of blockages of any complexity on your own, without the help of a plumber. There are various pipe cleaning equipment in our online store.

Types of pipe cleaning equipment:

✓ A plunger is an indispensable attribute of any bathroom and the simplest device for removing blockages in sinks, bathtubs, and toilet bowls. It consists of a long handle and a working part fixed on it, which is a rubber bowl. There are also pneumatic devices that make it easier to remove blockages, since water for flushing the drain is sucked into the inside of the body and sharply pushed out when you press the handle. Due to the water hammer, it is possible to break through the blockage. Such sewer cleaning equipment is more effective than a manual plunger.

✓ A plumbing cable is a cable twisted from steel wire, which is passed into the drain hole and further into the pipe, eliminating deep and old blockages. The length of products can be from 1 to 30 meters, so you can clean not only sinks and toilets, but also heating system communications, ventilation and chimneys.

✓ A spinner is a sewer cleaning equipment consisting of a long cable coiled in a compact body. To remove the blockage, the cable is pulled to the required length and lowered into the pipe, when a rotational movement is created with a handle or a drill connected to the connector in the housing, the cable begins to break through the blockage.

✓ Cleaning machine - operates on the principle of a turntable, only driven by an electric motor, not by user effort. Powerful devices have wheels for easy movement around the work area.

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