1. How to correctly connect the drain hose from the washing machine to the sewer?

The beginning of the drain hose is fixed inside the washing machine. Lift the hose upwards and secure it in the factory fastenings in the form of a ring or hook. The end of the hose is lowered and connect it to the sewer in any of three ways:

Method one - fix the hose in the plastic holder and cover it on the side of the sink or bath. The drain hose should be located at a height of 60 - 90 cm.

Method two - connect the hose to a special branch in the siphon of the sink and secure it with a yoke. The branch must be located above the sink of the sink draining so that the end of the hose is at least 60 cm above the floor level. If your siphon does not have such a hole, buy a new siphon or use a different method.


Method three - connect the hose to the sewer pipe directly. To do this, use a vertical pipe 60 - 90 cm high and a diameter of at least 5 cm. To seal the joint of the hose and pipe, use a special seal.


2. How to choose the siphon for a sink?

Structurally similar to the sink drain, except that the neck of the sink has a larger diameter, and the distance from its center to the wall is also much larger. In addition, the sinks often have two, sometimes three sections. Of these, one will be flat, for vegetables, and two - full depth, with the upper drain (overflow). Plus an extra drain for the dishwasher. Thus, the siphon for a kitchen sink can be as simple, single, and very complex, combining up to six drainage streams.


3. What makes our products different?

In the manufacture of siphons, exhausts, flexible hoses and other goods, we use modern technologies for injection molding of plastics, which includes the use of the newest thermoplastic automata manufactured in Italy. The products made with their help are among the best in the market of Ukraine and Europe. All of the above facts make us the number one choice not only for ordinary buyers who decided to renovate the bathroom, but also for professional plumbers and plumbing installers. Buying products of the company "Waterstal" - you do not need to compromise on quality and price, you get the best product on the market.


4. How to properly choose the diameter of sewer pipes?

32 and more suitable for a washbasin in the bathroom and toilet, washing at a bar where fats will not drain, but will be limited to washing conventionally clean glassware (glasses, wine glasses, glasses).

40 and more - washbasin, kitchen sink, bidet, washing machine and dishwasher, separate plum bath and shower.

50 - combined drainage of bath and shower, ladder in the bathroom floor, shower room, laundry.


5. What are adapters used for in drain and filler hoses?

Adapter for automatic washing machine for water, designed to connect two hoses with each other. Why is this necessary? Well, first of all, this is necessary if you have two short hoses, but none of them reaches the place of connection to the communications. In this case, it is more economical to take the adapter for a penny and connect the two hoses to each other than to buy one more elongated hose.


6. What should I do if I have problems with the installation?

It is necessary to contact our installation partner.