Sewer system is an integral part of water supply and disposal. The main function of the sewage system is the elimination of human waste. Therefore, to install a sewer system, it is necessary to use high-quality pipes and adapters that will ensure the tightness of their connections.

Rubber reduction is an indispensable element in the installation of plumbing. Without it, it is extremely difficult to organize a reliable sewer system in the house. Moreover, due to the difference in diameters and materials of which the pipes are made, the problem of non-matching may occur. The optimal solution in this situation may be a complete replacement of pipeline parts with compatible ones or the use of rubber reduction. You can buy a plumbing reduction from a Ukrainian manufacturer in the Waterstal online store.

Sewer reduction is made of polyurethane, silicone, rubber, paronite, rubber and its mixtures. The variability of materials allows you to choose the product that most suits the requirements of the buyer. In addition, this plumbing product guarantees high elasticity, durability, reliable fastening and a long service life.

Reduction is used to create a tight transition between pipes of different diameters and made of different materials. For example, for the transition between a cast iron pipe and a pipe made of polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride. This is true for houses where old sewer systems are installed that require partial renovation. An important requirement for the use of reduction in this case is the absence of even the slightest bumps or defects on the surface of the pipes being joined. Additionally, you can improve the quality of sealing with sealants.

Reductions are used in various pressure and non-pressure systems, which transport not only clean drinking water, but also technical, irrigation water, various effluents and liquids. This is a reliable element of the pipeline, which is easy to install and affordable.


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