The company "Waterstal" considers its mission the production of high-quality and reliable sanitary products that will fully meet the needs of customers. It is for this purpose that we use modern polymers, high-tech thermoplastic automata, and regularly conduct market research. All this allows us to produce goods whose reliability is a benchmark even for our competitors. It's no secret that repairing or modernizing the bathroom is associated with a lot of difficulties and pitfalls. Here you will encounter not only the need to choose the size and design of sanitary ware, but also with its installation. Often, manufacturers do not care about the ease of installation. But we are not one of those. Our goods are easy to install, easy to operate, and for their proper condition it is easy to follow. Looking through the catalog of our products, you are sure to find the product you need, and its use will not be accompanied by difficulties. In order to remain a leader in our business, which we are, producing a quality product is not enough. It is necessary to give customers something new and useful. It is for this that we monitor our proposals and are looking for ideas for the production of better quality and functional products. The desire and need of the client is our guide. Listening attentively to the customers, we are developing the model range of our products with greater success than attracting more and more customers.