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Siphon "Waterstal" for a kitchen sink 1 1/2"*40, integral release with one branch, with a flexible pipe 40*40/50

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The first and main function of the siphon is to drain into the sewer all the water used in the plumbing, with all the particles of dirt that have fallen into it, shower cosmetics, and so on.

And it depends on the siphon and its capacity, how quickly and efficiently the water flow will be diverted. For example, in the part of the hull of some models located directly under the drain hole, a special “snail” was thought out, which creates a vortex flow of water, which carries away all the pollution much better.

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SA 2015

Data sheet

Polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, stainless steel
Drain pipe length
750 mm
75 l/min
Operating temperature range