A washing machine is an invention that has become firmly established in every person's life. It greatly facilitated our lives and virtually freed us from the monotonous and tiring work. But how did it happen? In 1851 James King, an American citizen, invented a washing machine that had a rotating drum. The same principle is used in modern models. The only difference between King's machine was that it was brought into action with the help of man's hand power. Later this invention was improved and brought to work with the help of animals. The first electric washing machine appeared in 1908, and a full automatic washing machine entered the market in 1948. Previously, washing was a difficult occupation, which, as a rule, fell on the shoulders of women. Each week it was necessary to wash with hands a huge heap of linen in order to repeat it again next week.
To wash clothes of one ordinary family left almost the whole day! Because the appearance of a washing machine greatly simplified the life of housewives. A modern washing machine already performs many functions, in addition to washing itself. In them, you can adjust the number of revolutions per minute when washing clothes or washing, adjust the water temperature, check for any leaks during the water supply, select a washing mode yourself, or set the machine to automatically determine the type of things and the mode in which they should be washed, at partial loading, to include the timer for the delayed start and many other functions. Could such a functional dream of the first creator of the washing machine? Now the styralka is not just a device for washing things, but a practically full-fledged computer with the ability to wash your laundry. But still, one requirement is imposed on all of them: the presence of water. Without it nothing will be possible. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality hoses for connection to the water supply and sewage system, adapters and extension cables, as well as other spare parts. Strangely enough, despite the variety of models on the market, they are all equipped with identical connectors for connection, which allows us to produce high-quality components, drain and liquid hoses. They necessarily fit your washing machine model. Careful care and timely replacement of spare parts will allow it to serve a long time.