A toilet bowl is a sanitary ware, mandatory for a modern apartment house or apartment. Choosing a quality toilet, as well as fittings for it, is a very important occupation. The toilet became modern in 1909 in Spain and was called a hygienic sanitary fixture. The production and sale of these products was handled by Unitas, which translates as a union or unity. Toli because of a good advertising company or because of the bulky name, but the toilet was called the name of the manufacturer. Since that time many years have passed and the design of the toilet bowl did not remain unchanged. Moreover - there were many different types of toilet bowls. Toilet bowls are distinguished by the installation method, the type of drain, the design of the drain tank, the type of bowl, the design of the discharge into the sewer, the flushing method and the material.
This diversity at the same time gives a great choice to the buyer and confuses him. Therefore, the choice of a toilet bowl that will serve you for a long period without malfunctions, and suitable fittings is a long and painstaking task. An additional, but not obligatory, toilet element is a toilet seat. When it is used, the level of convenience of using the toilet is greatly increased. When choosing a toilet, be sure to make a list of requirements that it must meet. For example, the size of the toilet bowl, whether it should be bolted to the floor, have a toilet seat complete and be economical when draining water. After compiling the list, study the proposed model range and select the appropriate one. Even with a large selection of models, this approach will significantly shorten the time to choose and save you a lot of energy. But do not try to take toilet bowls from little-known manufacturers at low prices. Such products quickly become unusable or highly vulnerable to various detergents and abrasive pastes.