The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in a person's home. This is due to our natural desire for purity. But the first such rooms in residential buildings did not have a special comfort. They only served as a simple function of maintaining the purity of man. Over time, society and civilization developed, and with their development, new standards were presented to the bathroom. It was to meet the requirements for functionality and convenience in the bathroom appeared such an element as a washbasin. Before taking the current look, the sink and washbasin went through a long process of development. First, their functions in the house were simple jugs, buckets, basins or other similar things in which people washed their hands, face or small items.
Although this sink allowed to perform basic hygienic operations, but it was extremely inconvenient to use. First it was necessary to bring water, and if necessary to heat it, and after all the actions the water had to be poured somewhere. A real boom in the development of shells occurred with the introduction of a full-fledged water supply and sewerage. Thanks to the constant flow of dirty water and the influx of clean - managed to organize a place in the bathroom, where a person could perform important hygiene procedures with maximum convenience. The shell itself has ceased to be exclusively a device for washing hands, but has also become an element of the design of the home. A beautiful, bright and functional washbasin made of quality materials becomes an indispensable attribute of every home. It is always pleasant to use it, and with proper treatment - it can truly serve at least a generation of tenants. All this makes the shell a necessary part of the life of every civilized person.