The comfort and coziness of a living space depends on many factors. One of them is maintaining the optimum temperature. This is particularly true for flooring. Today, installing a warm floor system is a popular solution in creating home comfort. One of the advantages of a warm floor is its ability to uniformly heat the air. This quality determines its superiority in comparison with conventional radiators, which heat the room more locally.

There are two main types of underfloor heating: water and electric. The first type is characterized by the presence of metal-plastic pipes with circulating hot water. Electric underfloor heating today is very popular due to its efficiency and durability. The choice of heating system depends on the conditions of installation and operation. For example, electric floors are relevant in small apartments and country houses with reliable power lines. Due to the high consumed load, this type of heating is not suitable for installation in old high-rise buildings. In a room with a large quadrature, it is advisable to install a warm water floor.

The market for sanitary products is rich in a wide selection of fasteners for installing underfloor heating. Preference for a particular product depends on the base of the room. In the case of using reinforcing mesh laid on top of the insulation, the pipes are fastened with a cable tie. Quite popular products used to install the underfloor heating system are staples. They are used if the pipes are installed directly on polystyrene foam. These clamps are relevant for reliable fastening of plastic pipes. The installation of pipes of a heated floor made of cross-linked polyethylene is carried out using tires. They are convenient for installation work without additional markup. Their disadvantage is that the installation is carried out exclusively by the "snake", spiral installation is impossible.In the case of installing floor heating pipes without reinforcing mesh, metal clamps are used, which are fastened with a dowel-nail or a self-tapping screw. It is important to consider the length of the fasteners, because the fixation in this case is carried out to the base of the room.

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